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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Can we have a discussion about this??? Who agrees ? Who can relate ?
And keep in mind just because you know - that doesn't make it the right!
If your feeling won't leave you .....then that needs to be addressed.  For example, I know I need to work - what I feel like doing is playing.  Before the year is over they will be the same thing; my work will be play because I'll be finished with my Apprenticeship for Energy Medicine.but in the meantime - it's not and I feel like quitting, so there was a huge battle going on with doing what I know and what I felt? Guess which one I went with???

Monday, January 23, 2012

The Gold is Within: BE BOLD & BEAUTIFUL!

The Gold is Within: BE BOLD & BEAUTIFUL!: OK, today starts the 3rd week of our commitment to re-set our lives. To be More more joy more healthy more abundant more fun mor...

Sunday, January 22, 2012


OK, today starts the 3rd week of our commitment to re-set our lives. To be More
more joy 
more healthy 
more abundant
more fun
more kind
more generous
more Blessed
These are the qualities that showed up when I lost 70 lbs.  More good!  So please keep that in mind as we continue this journey of unfoldment, of releasing, of changes.  I have to remain myself this week - there is nothing more important than releasing 50 more lbs. 
NO Thing!  
So join me this week in the ongoing process of healing and releasing what no longer works.   
Actually, when I think about it, I agree with Iyanla VanZant. There is nothing to be healed
only Truth to be revealed!
Please share your thoughts!
Diane Rivers 

Friday, January 6, 2012

Ready to Re-Set your Life?

3% of the population will really commit to their resolve or resolution for change for this year!
It's fact.

How do you get to be part of that 3%?  I become one of them last year by losing 70 lbs.
So what happened?

Where does the urgency in your life lay for you to BE MORE or BETTER than before?

Check out my previous post from Oct 2011 - stages of change and see if there is a clue!

Let's Chat.....leave your comments - Thanks

Sunday, October 30, 2011

What needs to change for permanent weight loss to occur?

Check out the latest book to end obesity - overweight - or fat being the main focus in your life! 

After recently losing 70 lbs myself.  Learned a lot of things I thought I already knew.  But knowing it doesn't get the weight off!

It was the action - actually it  was the action of journaling what I ate that was more effective for me than just working out and riding my bike.  It was noticing what I ate and more importantly - WHAT WAS EATING ME!

Carolyn Hansen - states that are 5 stages of change!
  • Pre-contemplation
  • Contemplation
  • Preparation
  • Action
  • Maintenance  
  • Question = what Stage are you at?  Why?

Friday, July 9, 2010

The next Question

Monday, I was in pain physically - which I chose to ignore since I thought it was related to my over zealous workout routine - but I was also in pain emotionally.  Which I attempted to ignore but couldn't.      Have you ever done that?      Know you need to address that pain or fear or hurt but say - no not now - later.     Well, I don't know what happens in your world but in mine - Divine Order steps in - every time - so I need to recognize that and address issues as they appear and stop burying my head in the sand!   Easier said then done.  
In my  "Are you asking the Right Questions" workshop one of the most popular question is:      *What are YOU resisting ???    So, with pain in my physical body and in my chest wall the hospital is where I ended up yesterday.   4 days later.  Severe pain crippled my body to the point of collapse when I attempted to get dress.  Pain so bad - I stopped breathing.  Well, my intention was to take my husband to work and use the car. Uh? excuse me - then do what? Oh yeah, I was hurting but needed to go pay a couple of bills, take my grandson to an interview and get some food shopping done.  Well, like I said Divine Intervention as a way of showing up so you can pay attention to whatever it is you are resisting.       
Well after - Michael rushed me to the ER, with tears rolling down my cheeks from the pain of getting in his Ford F150 (that has no running board) and getting out and walking into the hospital and being rushed through at the speed of light because they thought my sided chest wall pain was chest pain ( and  because we have insurance :D ) after being drained, poked and prodded, Xrayed and EKG'd; I was left alone for awhile.  Michael had to pick up my  grandson so I had to lay there and wait for the results.   Lay and wait.  Pretty much what you have to do when you have faith that things will be all right - because all kinds of images of what could be wrong showed up!     Maybe it's my kidney and I have kidney stones, (only born with 1 kidney so that's not good) maybe the TB from youth flared up - maybe the spot on my lungs got bigger, maybe it was just what I thought all along - my workout was too much of a strain - after all I am out of shape!  In the meantime when you have time and you are laying in the hospital ER bed what do you do?


While laying there I had time to address the emotional pain since the physical was being attended to - Why is my heart hurting - why am I sad, why am I feeling so down?  What am I resisting?

Ask and you shall receive - like the answer or not.  What I have been resisting is "What Is"

Yes - that's right - What IS.  I am normally in a state of gratitude.  In fact every morning and evening we ask each other what 3 things are you grateful for today - and usually turns into alot more than 3.  But Monday is when I received my 2nd check for this new job and it was nothing that calculated - in fact it was $600 less.  Then I looked at what was lacking - no money to help my grandson with college, no money for basics we needed, no money for a number things that was pressing at that point.  Of course, I called work to see what the problem was found out there was no problem - I calculated wrong!  So now I am resisting big time.  I never paid this amount in 15 years for a full week of work - I need to find another job - I can't operate with this pay scale. Going on and on and on.

While laying in the ER bed - a thought came to me that showed up earlier that day - just before I opened my eyes.

If you resist What is - you push away what you want! - PEACE AND JOY

In other words - if I can't appreciate and marvel in gratitude at what is- all I am going to attract is more lack - the very thing I don't want.  More stress. More sadness. More anxiety. More tears.

I have home, I have a car, I have food, I have a job, I have a mate,  I have family, I have friends, In other words - There is no lack - Nothing is missing.  Except my ability to see the truth. So now while I lay there in the hospital bed - I can finally see again.  Now there are more tears - but not from pain but from releasing the resistance and marveling in What is!

What are you resisting? 

Sunday, July 4, 2010

What does July fourth mean to YOU?

To me it means Freedom and the Pursuit of Happiness! 

To mimic a mentor of mine, David Wood

  • Location Freedom - the ability to live or travel anywhere in the world. 

  • Time Freedom - Being able to choose to work 5 days a week or 1.
  • Financial Freedom - not having to check the prices, when I shop for anything. To buy things that bring me joy. To give freely those I love without guilt of neglecting a bill. To have all the bills paid, the savings account, IRA's, stocks continually growing for our retirement.
  • Inner Freedom - The freedom to be myself, write my books, created more joy by sharing what I know and Love with the world. Feeling God's presence in my Spirit, Life and affairs daily.